The Weekend

SCALE Weekend is the spiritual successor to Leatherfest I through Leatherfest X (1989-2001), originally produced by the National Leather Association – San Diego (later Club X San Diego). Drawing inspiration from national and international conferences like CLAW, IMsLBB, Bootblack Round Up, Southwest Leather Conference, and Leatherfests around the country, SCALE was born!

Who is SCALE?

The Production Team for SCALE Weekend is comprised of volunteers with a breadth of experiences between them among many subsets of the Leather community. SCALE’s Board of Directors is comprised of Leatherman, Leatherwomen, Kinky folk, People of Color and many more in hopesof keeping the event diverse and welcoming for folks of all identities.

Want to know more about our production and volunteer staff? Check out our volunteer page here.

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