Staff & Lead Volunteers

Education Co-Director

Grrrgeous, or Grrr, is a smart, poly, queer, power femme, Leather Woman with a love of performing to showcase her teeny, tiny sadistic streak. Grrr has been active in the fetish/kink communities for two amazing decades. Now a “wuzzie”, she is Ms. San Diego Leather 2015 and has served three years on the Board of Directors for Club X. A proud member of the House of And/Or, and a Gangbang Girl, she currently facilitates the monthly Club X Women’s Rap and has been the recipient of Greydancer’s Gruevy Award for Community Educators.

Club Outreach Director

Robyn has been an Active member of the San Diego community for the last 5 years.  Having over 20 years experience volunteering with other (vanilla) organization. She quickly found a home to fill this service Volunteering in the San Diego kink community  She has served as Club X President, Vice President and interim Information officer.  She also volunteers with House of Black and Leather a Realm.

Officer Wes
Education Co-Director

Officer Wes has been presenting on a variety of fun kink topics for 26 years. His experiences and viewpoints have appeared in many publications including USA Today and The Advocate. He was an inaugural mentor for SAADE, a formal mentoring program for new dominants that instructs its apprentices not only in physical SM practices but on the mental, emotional and spiritual dynamics of BDSM as well. Officer Wes has an open leather family built around shared values of respect, honor, trust, and love.

boy paul
Business Outreach Director

(coming soon)

Financial Director

Justin was the kind of kid that would stick forks in electrical sockets.  Somehow, he survived to adulthood, got a masters in electrical engineering, started a few companies, and is very happy to have ended up as Vice President of San Diego’s own ClubX.  He’s taught electrical play and fire play to various audiences, and is excited to be given the opportunity to help organize SCALE.

boy doriam
Marketing Director

boy doriam is a LatinX, Poly, Homosexual, Panromantic, Full-time College student and Leatherman who’s been active in San Dieg’s community circa 2015. As a titleholder, the boy traveled sampling conferences nationwide, and bringing back his learnings. boy doriam was honored with being the 2019 Man of the Year during the San Diego Leather Community Awards, and was a Pantheon of Leather nominee the same year. He now travels teaching at Leather & Kink conferences nationwide, while remaining a volunteer in his own back yard.

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