Volunteer Registration

Interested in lending a hand to the SCALE production team?

Volunteers receive a percentage discount on their attendance packages revelant to the hours volunteered. Every three (3) hours equate to a 25% discount on a three-day package! Each individual shift is blocked in 1.5 to 2 hours to give flexibility in enjoying your weekend at SCALE.

Find more information about each volunteer position at the bottom of the page. And learn more about our Staff and Lead Volunteers here.

  • Assign as Needed
    • You will be assigned to any area needing support for the time you are scheduled.
  • Lead Positions
    • Responsible for coordinating and monitoring your region of the event during active hours. (shifts are 4 hours, maximum)
  • Runner Positions
    • Works with the regional Lead to ensure smooth flow and communicate between areas. (shifts are 2-4 hour)
  • Monitor Positions
    • Responsible to safely monitoring play and engagement in their area. (shifts are 1.5-2 hours)
  • Catering/Hospitality
    • Responsible for the Hospitality Suite and on-site party needs specifically related to foods, consumables, and setup/clean-up.
  • Play Space
    • Responsibilities include setting up play spaces in the evening and monitoring play during hours of operation. Training will be required prior to SCALE weekend.
  • Logistics
    • Everything else lives here, specific roles include security and working directly with SCALE Staff.
  • Parties
    • Roles include checking in with venues and working as an Ambassador for SCALE weekend at the events. Hosts, event planners, and producers are all welcomed!
  • Vendor Mart
    • Connects and communicates with vendors; may be needed to help setup/tear down, demo, or monitor.
  • Workshops
    • Oversee workshop attendance, setup between classes as specified by the instructor, verify event badges on attendees.

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